Pauline Hallegot

The A2R team invites you to discover Pauline’s universe through her interview. 1-Is your photographic gaze inspired by particular references? I appreciate the work of Jacques Villeglé, I get closer to his universe with my photos of torn posters. But the environment remains my main inspiration, it is an inexhaustible source of surprises, of poetry. […]

Exposure 28°W.

The 28° W exhibition extends the Seine Saint Denis book and youth fair. This event takes place simultaneously in four different libraries and offers several conferences and seminars around children’s publishing. The exhibition program invites you to discover or rediscover illustrations, sketches and engravings on Katy Couprie and Kitty Crowther . Several meetings and conferences […]

“The Nomad Line” Exhibition.

The A2R team went to the “La ligne Nomade” exhibition which takes place in Sidi Bousaïd. Khaled Abida, visual artist and university teacher, occupies the space of the municipal gallery of Sidi Bousaïd from January 18 to February 15. The artist is exhibiting 64 works fairly representative of his artistic and academic research. A universe […]